What is an Offshore Company?


It is an International Business Corporation, set-up and established in a country other than your own, where favorable conditions exist, based on thoughtfully structured laws that provide special tax status

Register your Company


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without the requirement to submit tax declarations or submit to audits. The company is merely required to pay a small annual licensing fee.


Shareholders own the company, which is managed by appointed director(s). The actual identities of the owners can be protected by using nominee shareholders and directors. The beneficial owner remains anonymous and can exercise his/her ownership rights through a Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney allows the actual owner to act on behalf of the company, to open and manage bank accounts associated with the company name and perform other various functions.


Reasons to do business offshore.


Regardless of your current circumstances, whether you derive income from overseas sources, transact business internationally, deal in e-commerce or are introducing an innovative new product, owning an offshore company provides you with the unique opportunity to choose and establish your enterprise in a jurisdiction, such as Dominica, with very low to zero taxation where it can be operated and managed with complete anonymity.