Welcome to the IBC Incorporation Form

We have tried to minimize the amount of Information you have to enter while at the same time ensuring that all the relevant Information fields are there. You may enter the details of the IBC you wish to incorporate and we will follow up by email (or whatever Contact Information you fill in in the Contact Section). Filling in this Form does not by itself constitute an Order unless you finalize it on the follow up.

If you decide to Order, we will generate the required Forms and Documents for you based on the information entered here. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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Additional Services

 Apostille for a Set (USD 90)
 Notarizing a Set (USD 50)
 Rubber Stamp (USD 50)
 Corporate Seal (USD 90)
 Courier Fees (Base Price, Final Price depends on Destination) (USD 60)
 Certificate of Incumbency issued by the Registered Agent (USD 175)
 Certificate of Tax Exemption issued by the Registry (USD 200)
 Xerox Copy of IBC Documents Set (USD 25)
 Bundled, apostilled & notarized IBC Document Set (USD 165)
 Bank Introduction Service Antigua (USD 400)



Please provide a list of preferred company names for the proposed company. The company will be incorporated under the first available name. Remember to choose preferred suffix to denote Limited Liability.


Standard offshore companies are incorporated with a share capital of US $1,000 which attracts the lowest initial and subsequent license fees. If you require a specific share capital or different class of shares please enter the details.


Please enter valid mailing and billing address (if different).


Please provide details of who will be the beneficial owner(s), shareholder(s) or director(s) of the Company. Please choose the "nominee" option if you wish Amicus to provide you professional directors and shareholders.


Please enter a valid email address and optionally additional contact details.

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