Bank Accounts in an offshore jurisdiction

It will be necessary, as a functioning business entity, to set-up bank account(s) in order to facilitate your company's various financial transactions. All commercial banks today provide the option of transacting your business online, so proximity is no longer an issue.

We can recommend reliable commercial banks offering a complete range of financial services and products, who will provide you with assistance in opening and selecting a company bank account. We can provide you with all the relevant information, instructions and materials to assist with opening the bank account.

Internet Merchant Accounts

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments by payment cards, typically debit or credit cards. If you engage in E-Commerce Business or plan to do so, this is your choice.

We are able to facilitate accounts for existing merchants looking for alternative processing options as well as startup merchants with no previous processing history. We offer services in issuing merchant accounts and processing online transactions for both traditional and Internet business worldwide.

Internet Merchant Account – card payment account

Offshore Account, Merchant Account, Visa Card, Online Banking


Bank Account – regular Offshore Bank Account

Offshore Account, Visa Card, Online Banking


The banks ensure the identity of who opens and operates an account. As such, we can't open the bank account for you. We help by connecting you to the right people and submitting the paperwork on your behalf, but the final decision is made by the partner banks. If necessary, we will connect you with a maximum of five banks. If in the rare event that all five applications fail, we refund the service fees.